Only PXC participants will be asked to weigh-in. The Fast Form requires only the information needed for a quick start. Additional information will be requested upon winning contests, claiming prizes or when participating in other events.

Health Awareness Tour, LLC.


Worldwide Launch IN

See how the Health Awareness Tour, LLC will change the world by giving health a major modern upgrade.

Explain Your Challenges Engage Your Solutions Inspire Your Communities

Live Tour

The live tour mixes health presentations with entertainment and each event ends in a motivational celebration. See all the benefits available for you and your community.

The BIG Event

A semi-annual extravaganza recognizing some of the most influential people and our event’s biggest winners. See how you could be the next big thing for your community.


More than 270 prestigious social media awards will be given to some of the most creative and influential personalities. See what opportunities are in store for your social media.


Hidden extras and special take aways are included for every cross-event possibility. See where more benefit for less effort is available when you do HAT your way.

Train The Body  Educate The Mind  Motivate The Soul

Promotion Challenge

Join the new movement toward advancement by conveniently promoting a world wide health event. See all the possibilities of success by motivating anyone in any community across the globe.

Attendee Rewards

Reap immediate rewards from time sensitive promotions to exclusive benefits with unlimited use. See the limitless potential of piling rewards as you attend each event.


Customized subscriptions from free training and education to annual event access there is something included for everyone. See all the value you can get with each way to subscribe.

Mobile Apps Suite

Stay connected to everything health on the go with the custom favorites you love and upgrade your way to the entire collection. See every way you can maximize your health activities with HAT Cloud Collection.

Entertain Everyone  Appreciate Everybody  Recognize Every Leader

Physical Excellence Competition

Health Awareness with Grand Entertainment and Mobile Convenience puts a world of opportunity in the palm of your hand. See how the PXC brings excitement and abundance to you and your entire community.


Students can receive free contributions and awards during our biggest annual event. See how the journey toward a higher education can be more rewarding for you and the school you represent.

Kid's Health

The kid’s health programs implement support that adds excitement in childhood development from ages K-12. See how kid’s health adds more fun to healthy living for everyone.

Health For Employment Campaign

A charity event offering free get hired conferences educating employees and career seekers about health and employment. See the many ways health can multiply career possibilities for your career potential.